School Governors


The Governing Body of St Francis School fulfils a key role. The governors are the employers of the staff, the admissions authority for pupils and are also responsible for making decisions about how the school is run. They have legal duties, powers and responsibilities as a corporate body, not as individuals.


St Francis School has 11 governors: 7 Foundation governors appointed by the Brentwood Diocese and the Franciscan Sisters, 1 Local Authority governor appointed by Essex County Council, 1 Staff governor and the Executive Headteacher. Each governor serves a 4 year term of office. We also have Associate governors who have particular skills to offer. A list of governors can be found below.


The full governing body meets termly. In addition further meetings are held for committees; finance, personnel, curriculum and admissions. All meetings have an agreed agenda and minutes are taken by the clerk.


All governors welcome suggestions from parents to help them carry out their duties. They can be contacted via the school office.

Name Appointment
Mr S. Burwood Foundation Governor
Mr M. Catchpole Foundation Governor
Mrs L. Collins Foundation Governor
Mrs E. Lester Foundation Governor
Reverend M. Reilly Foundation Governor
Vacancy x 2 Foundation Governor
Mrs S. Ginzler-Maher Executive Headteacher
Mrs C. Peear Staff Governor
Vacancy LA Governor
Mr B. Webber Parent Governor
Mr P. Lonergan Parent Governor
Mrs L.Tyrell Associate Governor (Finance & Premises and Full Governors)
Mr P. Beaney Associate Governor (Full Governors)
Mr S. Gray Associate Governor (Full Governors)
Chair Mr M. Catchpole
Vice-Chair Mr B. Webber
Clerk to Governors Mrs C. Nunn