School Staff
 Name  Role
Senior Leadership Team
 Mrs S. Ginzler-Maher  Executive Headteacher
 Mrs C. Peear  Acting Head of School 
 Mrs E. Chapman  School Business Manager
 Miss Z. Garling  Reception Teacher
 Mrs C. Peear  Year 1 Teacher
 Mrs S.Willsher  Year 1 Teacher
 Miss C. Webster  Year 2 Teacher
 Mrs A. Scudiero  Year 3 Teacher
 Mrs K. Crates  Year 3 Teacher
 Mr M. Railton  Year 4 Teacher
 Mrs A. Howard  Year 5 Teacher
 Miss H. Eke  Year 5 Teacher
 Mr D. London  Year 6 Teacher
 Mrs J. O'Mullane  SENCO Manager / Pupil Premium
 Mrs T. Minton  PE Provision 
 Mrs C. Stone  Music Teacher
 Mrs J. Lambert  Supply Teacher
 Mrs S. Thornett  Supply Teacher
Support Staff
 Mrs E. Russell  Higher Level Teaching Assistant
 Mrs M. Bain  Teaching Assistant
 Mrs J. Ennis  Teaching Assistant (EYFS)
 Mrs A. Martin  Teaching Assistant 
 Mrs S. Podlinksa  Teaching Assistant
 Mrs J. Rofik  Teaching Assistant
 Mrs B. Drane  Relief Teaching Assistant
 Mrs W. Grimes  Relief Teaching Assistant
 Mrs C. Clatworthy  Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs A. Leech  Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs S. Rapson  Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs J. Davis  Relief Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs A. Fallon  Breakfast Club
 Mrs A. Leech  Breakfast Club
 Mrs M. Smith  Breakfast Club / Relief Teaching Assistant
Office Staff
 Mrs E. Chapman  School Business Manager
 Mrs L. Brandon  Administration Assistant
 Mrs K. McCloud  Finance Assistant
Catering and Midday Staff
 Mrs S. Stainer  Catering Manager
 Mrs D. Chaplin  Assistant Cook
 Mrs N. Cashman  Relief Cook
 Mrs C. Gallant  Senior Mid-day Assistant
 Mrs L. McIntosh  Senior Mid-day Assistant
 Mrs C. Conway  Mid-day Assistant
 Mrs C. Clatworthy  Mid-day Assistant
 Mrs A. Fallon  Mid-day Assistant
 Mrs S. Headd  Mid-day Assistant
 Mrs M. Smith  Mid-day Assistant
 Miss J. McIntosh  Relief  Mid-day
 Mrs S. Mayes  Relief Mid-day
Premises Staff
 Mr D. Brandon Caretaker